Most reproduced images can be considered prints. Prints can be further broken down by Limited Edition prints and Open Edition prints. We would include Posters in the Open Edition prints category. The word Poster in and of itself has nothing to do with the quality of the image or paper it is printed on.
Most publishers do not tell us what kind of paper each piece is printed on. Generally speaking, items like Movie Posters are printed a lighter weight paper, whereas Limited Editions are typically printed on a slightly heavier acid free paper. Fine Art Prints are often done on heavy archival paper. Once an item is framed, the weight or thickness of the paper is not of great significance.
Limited Edition means the publisher has committed to only producing a limited number of prints. These may be numbered editions, or they may be time-limited, with the publisher producing as many as are ordered before a specified date.
Fine Art Print would denote a higher end product, usually on heavier archival type paper, typically smaller edition size, and usually produced with a better printing process like serigraphy, giclee, or a more labor intensive process such as stone lithography.
An Original is a piece that is produced directly by the artist, as opposed to being a reproduction, and except in the case of multiple originals would be unique.
You can use our Quick Search box in the upper right of the screen to type in the artist's name and title of the print you are interested in. All sizes and editions that we offer will be displayed in the search results. All image and paper sizes are approximated. If the title you entered does not show up, try using one or two words from the title, or just browsing that artist's collection - many times different publisher title a piece differently. An example is the rap artist 50 cent. Some publishers may title a print Fifty Cent, while others would title it 50 cent.
Many publishers use a watermark to identify their web images. These watermarks do not appear on the actual printed product.
Most limited edition prints and posters have a white border around the image. Image size reflects the dimensions of the image itself whereas paper size includes the white border in the dimensions. Our limited edition prints are usually pictured on our web site without the white border. The size listed in the item description reflects the image size (excluding this border). Since most artists sign and number their prints just below the image, some of this white border will be visible when framed. Most of our posters are listed with both the paper size and image size. Most posters can be framed cropped or uncropped to hide or show this border.
Our site will tell the estimated business days until shipment for each item - 24 hours, 3 - 5 days, 5 - 7 days etc. Transit time must be added to this number to calculate actual estimated delivery time. After placing your order you will be sent a confirmation email telling you the estimated delivery daty.