Blue Crane and Hudsonian Godwit

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Information: This antique print is from the first volume of Thomas Doughty's landmark work "The Cabinet of History and American Rural Sports". It is over 175 years old. This has been called the "first major sport print color plate book produced in America" and includes a significant number of original lithographs by one of the great names in 19th-century American art, Thomas Doughty. Thomas was the leading landscape painter in Boston. He traveled extensively through the northeastern United States, painting animals, rivers, mountains, and woods. Doughty `holds a place unique among artists as having "initiated the American discovery of the American landscape"' (Looney). The Cabinet of History and American Rural Sports was issued in monthly parts and ran from the end of 1830 until the spring of 1834. The first volume was the work of both Doughty brothers, with virtually all the plates being the work of Thomas, but, by the time the third part of the second volume had been issued the partnership had been broken up. A full set of this periodical containing 48 plates is currently advertised for US$22,500 by the antique dealer Donald Heald in New York. This equates to about $470 per plate and it should be noted that most of the later images were not drawn by Doughty, whereas the ones we have are. Thomas Doughty's importance as a print maker has yet to be fully recognised so these prints are likely to significantly increase in value. Date: 1830. This is a genuine antique print Print method: Lithograph on heavy paper. The colored lithographs have original hand applied water coloring. Condition: Very Good condition. There is slight variation in paper tone apparent when comparing the colored and black and white prints - the colored prints are on a light creamy paper. The black and white prints are on a whiter paper. Size: Approximately 11.5 by 9.25 inches (29 by 23 cm)